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Science Stories for Children

For my Master’s dissertation I have written several children’s stories with science embedded in them. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, I’m pleased to say I have now completed my MSc with a distinction. Whilst I work on writing more stories and publishing them, please enjoy these free e-books!

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Not All Scientists Wear Lab Coats - book front cover

All Ages

Not All Scientists Wear Lab Coats challenges the stereotype of what a scientist looks like. This story introduces children to a diverse range of jobs within science and the wider STEM fields.

KS1 / Year 1-2 / Age5-7

Grandma’s Garden follows the story of three young children discovering what is needed to grow a sunflower.

Curriculum link: Plants

Who Might You Be? explores the animals in your garden, how they interact with one another and how we classify them.

Curriculum link: Animals, including humans

Seasons in the City describes the changes of the seasons throughout a year and follows a group of children looking out for the signs of each season.

Curriculum link: Seasonal changes

KS2 / Year 3-4 / Age 7-9

Mary Anning, the Unstoppable Fossil Hunter tells the true story of a girl digging up dinosaurs in the 1800s.

Curriculum link: Rocks

The Adventures of Walter the Water Droplet takes you on a journey through the water cycle.

Curriculum link: States of matter

How to Stay Out of the Dark follows the story of Thomas, a boy afraid of the dark who discovers how circuits work in order to avoid the darkness.

Curriculum link: Electricity

KS2 / Year 5-6 / Age 9-11

The Force Field is a new team of superheroes, ready to save the day on a disastrous school trip using their knowledge of physics

Curriculum link: Forces

Peter Pan and his Shadow is a twist on a classic tale – time to learn the truth about what happened to Peter Pan’s shadow!

Curriculum link: Light

How the Giraffe got its Neck explores the evolution of giraffes and their extraordinary long necks.

Curriculum link: Evolution & inheritance